25 Perfect Movies For Rainy Autumn Days

Fall is here, and so is my desire to stay inside and hide from the cold outside. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn – colourful trees, morning fog, toffee nut lattes and of course, rainy days. Rainy days are my favourite because they are perfect opportunities to cuddle up on the couch with some buttery popcorn, my favourite hooman and a huge warm blanket wrapped around us to watch some movies.

But, everyone knows the problem of deciding what to watch. Doesn’t matter if you want to watch something on your own or if you have to come to an agreement with a second party, the choices are too many either way. And, honestly, even though I love Netflix to the moon and back, it doesn’t really help the matter much, does it?

But fret not! I am here with a solution to all your movie-deciding woes, and it comes in the form of… a list! Genius, I know. But seriously, take a look if you need some inspiration on what to watch. These are the best movies for rainy autumn days:

25 Perfect Movies For Rainy Autumn Days



A very touching, emotional movie about a family, fate and love.

The Help

I basically cried every five minutes while watching The Help – sometimes sad tears and sometimes tears of laughter. It’s definitely a movie that gets you thinking, especially in these times, where racism and misogyny resurface on a daily basis.

About Alex

This is a movie that everyone can relate to. Remember high school or college, where you had your group of friends, all so tightly knit together that you always thought nothing could ever come between you? And then you grew up and suddenly, this group that felt like your whole universe just kinda fell apart. So when you finally manage to all meet again, the friendship is still there – but it’s just different, because all of you have changed. That’s what this movie is about. The secrets, the regrets, the crushed hopes, hurt feelings but also the unconditional love and friendship that holds people together.

If you don’t like movies where there is a lot of talking, this one may not be for you. But if you’re in for a whole lot of raw emotions and some crying, give this one a go.


This movie is beautiful – not only to look at, but also because of the emotions it procures. If the word “longing” could be translated into a movie, I think it would look something like this. I highly recommend to watch this movie if you’re feeling lonely or if you want an especially snuggly day on the bed or sofa with your SO.

Never Let Me Go

This movie will hit you right in the feels – just a fair warning. It’s a movie about love and missed opportunities and soul mates, but also about something much darker. I don’t want to say too much because this movie has to be experienced.



Well, it’s not a movie per se, I know. But with the length of each episode, they can each count as a movie, right? Sherlock is amazing if you’re into detective stories. It’s a modern take on the old stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and well worth the watch (or re-watch, as you have probably already watched every episode at least twice, just like me! )

Mystic River

Warning: This movie will depress you. If that can’t stop you, I recommend a watch. It tackles very difficult topics and holds its suspense right until the very ending (which is gut-wrenching, just saying).


This is one of my all-time favourite movies. From the aesthetics to the performances to the story – I love everything about it. The three main actors (Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman) have an incredible chemistry and the story is wonderfully dark and twisted. I recommend this movie to literally everyone who asks me.


Forrest Gump

I must have seen this movie around three or four times by now and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna watch it at least another four times in the near future. It’s just the perfect mix of comedy and drama and honestly, who doesn’t just love Forrest Gump?

The Breakfast Club

I watched this movie in my teens and I instantly related to all of the characters. It shows that teenage years aren’t easy on anyone, even those perfect queen bees and homecoming kings that look so perfect on the outside. It also has an incredibly nostalgia-laden soundtrack.

Edward Scissorhands

Do I really have to explain this? I think not.


The Jungle Book

One of my favouuuurite childhood movies, I must have watched this at least 100 times, or so it feels to me. And although I can’t say I didn’t like the new live-action version, I just like this one so much better.

The Lego Movie

I really couldn’t imagine that I’d like a movie about Lego as much as I did in the end, but let’s be honest: this movie is a masterpiece. It’s not only entertaining for children but also highly amusing for adults and that’s where its genius lies.

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is a stunningly beautiful animated movie about family bonds and Irish folklore. I recommend it to lovers of fantasy and mythological creatures, but also everyone that enjoys hauntingly beautiful illustration and music.

Romance/Coming Of Age

The Lifeguard

Let me tell you right from the start: This movie is not your basic every-day romance. It’s about a woman who comes back to her hometown to live with her parents again after facing some personal failures and miseries. She then starts an affair with a troubled teenager. What might sound a little off-putting at first is really a very touching, intimate story about what it means to grow up and how fluctuating “love” can be.

The Spectacular Now

Another one of my absolute favourite movies. It’s so beautiful I can’t even put it into words. It’s the story of charming Sutter, a high school senior who is seemingly on top of the world. But when his girlfriend leaves him and he meets shy, beautiful Aimee, both their lives change. But it’s not all sunshine and butterflies! I won’t say any more or I’ll spoil it but seriously, go watch this gorgeous movie.

Far From The Madding Crowd

Ah, this movie is like comfort food for everyone needing a little dash of romance in their grey, rainy autumn afternoons. It’s set in 1870 and has everything that I could want for in a historic romance movie; a strong woman in charge of her own life, a quiet, beautiful man that loves her from afar, a lot of longing and heartbreak and wrong decisions, and beautiful imagery.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

If you’re familiar with Wes Anderson’s movies, you know what to expect. If you’re not, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It’s gonna be worth it.

The Dressmaker

Another member on my favourites list. I saw this movie at the Zurich Film Festival and it never quite let me go, so I read the book a few months later, and I loved it just as much so I had to re-watch the movie right after I’d finished it. That’s how good it is. Kate Winslet friggin’ slays in this movie, the whole cast is perfect. But, just a fair warning: This movie is not all comedy, it has it’s fair share of drama and tragedy.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

A feel-good movie for boys and girls alike. I remember watching this for the first time with my father and then singing the Soggy Bottom Boys’ song for the rest of the week together. Additional Pro: George Clooney.


The Hunger Games

I guess that there aren’t many people out there that haven’t in some way or another heard of the Hunger Games by now, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong on this list. It’s a perfect movie (or trilogy, if you’re up for a movie marathon) for everyone in the mood for a little dystopian action. And, chances are that even if you’ve already seen the movie, after watching the trailer above, you’ll suddenly have the intense desire to re-watch it anyways (or is that just me?)


I. Cried. So. Much.

Honestly, I think I started crying ten minutes into the movie and then just didn’t stop until it ended. This movie is the perfect mix of raw emotions, the call of adventure and amazing imagery that I adore in a movie.

It Follows

If you’re looking for a slow, quiet kind of horror that just kind of creeps up on you, this is the movie for you. You’re quietly terrified and tense throughout the whole movie without really knowing what’s causing it and in my opinion, that’s what makes a really good horror film.


As far as horror movies go, there’s not much I haven’t seen yet. Oftentimes, the ideas are rehashed in different ways. This movie is not entirely different – cursed mirror and all that. But the execution and effects where what convinced me in Oculus. It’s really worth a watch if you’re into suspenseful horror with a good jump scare every now and then.


I remember I watched this collection of horror short films without knowing what to expect and I was positively surprised. Every short film is very different and disturbing in distinct ways.

What is your favourite fall movie? Leave a comment below!

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