I love video games. Always have, always will – it’s a fact. I even wrote my bachelor thesis about video games, that’s how much I love them! It all started when I was maybe five years old and found my father’s Game Boy – you know, the big, grey one where you could basically only play Tetris. And man, did I play Tetris. I was instantly hooked. From then on, I collected every single new Game Boy edition that came out, they were the only thing I really begged my parents for when Christmas or birthdays came around.

Then, when I got older, I got into PC and consoles as well. I still remember the Christmas I got my special edition Pikachu-Nintendo64 (which I still have and won’t ever get rid of btw) like it was just yesterday. Man, I was a happy child then. In my teens, I also had a Game Cube and a Wii, but the older I got, the more I turned to PC gaming. Of course I was a huge Sims nerd ever since it came out. I still occasionally play the Sims, although it doesn’t entertain me quite the way the earlier parts did. Anyways, so I think I made clear just how much I really love playing video games now, didn’t I? 😛

This means it’s time to get to the actually good part of this post, which is me showing you which games I enjoyed most this year. (That doesn’t necessarily mean that these games came out in 2016, by the way. It’s just when I started playing it!)

The Best Video Games I Played In 2016

Stardew Valley

Yeah, you may have guessed it from the title picture, but… This was definitely my number one video game addiction in 2016. I couldn’t even stop playing it when I should’ve been writing on my bachelor thesis, that’s how bad it was! But don’t get me wrong, I love this game – I really do. I used to play Harvest Moon on my Game Boy for hours on end when I was younger and Stardew Valley took everything Harvest Moon and made it even better. I can still spend hours grooming and caring for my little farm and my animals. It works almost as calming as meditation for me!

The Witcher III

Badass characters, badass story line, badass fights and badass monsters – there’s not much more that I could wish for in a video game. Sadly, I couldn’t finish the game yet because my PC has developed problems with displaying the graphics along the way but well… that hasn’t stopped me from at least watching some Let’s Plays in the meanwhile. I hope I can fix the problem next year and finally roam this fantastic open world a little more.

The Forest

I’ve had this game for a while now and it’s still available as Early Access, but the developers have been really busy this year. There’s a lot of cool new stuff and a lot more story to play now, I heard you can even play through to the end of the story. I’m really into survival games and this one adds the excitement of demented cannibal mutants, I mean… Need I say more?


Every once in a while, there’s a game that just hits you right into your feels. Firewatch is one of those games. Don’t expect a lot of action to happen, this game is more like experiencing someone else’s story from their point of view. And this story… it’s so hard to describe this game! It’s just really, really beautiful.


ABZÛ is art in video game form. It’s beautifully made and although there’s no words spoken throughout the game, it works perfectly. The puzzles are not that hard to solve, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s not that much about puzzles, but more about experiencing the art and the silent story that goes on as you float through the endless sea and meet charming sea creatures. It’s amazing and it calms me down everyt ime I open it.


Another Early Access game where I can’t wait for the full version. Man, this game is so cool. You play as a detective, and other than that, you don’t know much. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and some things seem to be of a supernatural origin… I don’t want to spoil any of the story but it’s really interesting and well made.


I played many more games in 2016, but these were the ones I liked best. What’s your favourite game? Tell me in the comments!