Finally the time has come again – the days are getting longer, the sun is coming out from behind the clouds and nature is sprouting and blooming. Spring is back! And so I too get the well-known itch inside me – everything has to be fresh and new! This is exactly where spring cleaning comes into play. In fact, a springtime clean out is something of a ritual of mine that I have cultivated with passion for years now. You want to get rid of unneeded ballast but not sure how or where to start? Find out how to spring clean your life:

Spring Ritual

Spring time is when nature slowly wakes up and comes back to life again. It gives us humans that special feeling of hope and renewal, an urge to finally go out and enjoy the first sunrays again. And, if you’re like me, it also comes with a huge desire to clean and sort out everything I own.

But apart from the “usual” house cleaning that do every spring, I also go a little further. All that material stuff is only a part of my life, after all. So why not use this time of cleansing in all the other aspects of life, too? Because one thing is for sure: There’s a lot of heavy ballast accumulating inside and outside our bodies.

Spring clean your life: 12 tips to make your life shine from the in- and outside

Emotional Wellbeing

Clean up your friends list

We live in a world where the number of followers and friends one has on their social media pages determine their social status. In reality though, everything looks mighty different. Think about which of your relationships still serve you. And, even if it’s difficult, also which one doesn’t serve you and your wellbeing anymore.

Think of people that constantly pull you down, be it through their own negativity or just because their goals or personality don’t align with yours anymore. Think of people who constantly seem to take from you – but on closer inspection don’t give much back. And please remember: Family members are not exempt from this evaluation. It’s completely fine and healthy to set boundaries and remove yourself from toxic relationships – even if it’s family. Don’t let yourself get guilt-tripped into unhealthy relationships.

Get rid of unhealthy thinking or behavioral patterns

Humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, sometimes that means we also adopt some unhealthy habits. Take some time for yourself and think about your own bad habits and how you might be able to improve or get rid of them.

Maybe you keep getting trapped in negative downward spirals or obsessively overthink? Figure out ways to help you stay positive in your everyday life.

Can’t say no to people and always get in over your head at work or your personal life? Learn ways to set healthy boundaries and practice saying no until it becomes normal to you.

Please be aware: This is an ongoing process. It might take you the whole year to implement these new healthy habits and unlearn the old, bad ones. But spring is a great time to find out where a little improvement might make a very big impact on your life!

Set new goals

Take some time to re-think what your goals in life are. Doesn’t matter if it’s for your personal or professional life, just ponder on what is really important to you. What do you want to accomplish? What milestones did you already reach? Maybe you set one of your goals a little too high for a start – then it’s time to adjust and try again.

Are you feeling bored or uninspired? Then go ahead and set yourself a new challenge to bring the spark back into your life!

Set priorities

In a busy everyday life, priorities often get lost. After all, you want to please everyone and do all the things – while also looking fabulous of course! That’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s important to differentiate between what’s really important to you and what’s a little bit less important.

And please: Don’t let anyone tell you what your priorities in life should be. Neither society nor your family, friends or your partner have a say in how you want to design your own life. Just be honest with yourself and that will be enough.

Rekindle old interests or talents

You used to be really into DIY projects or playing the guitar, but lately, you just can’t find any time for it? Hobbies are super important for your emotional wellbeing. Actively start making time for your passions again – even if it means canceling some plans you didn’t really want to go to anyways. The joy and satisfaction you’ll feel doing what you love will be worth it a thousand times and more.

Spring Clean Your Life

Physcial Wellbeing

Freshen up your style

Hey, spring is the symbol for new beginnings after all – so go on and breathe some new air into your personal style! Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a specific hair cut for a while but haven’t really had the guts to do it… Now’s your time. Or that leather jacket you’ve been eyeing all through winter? Treat yourself!

A change of perfume, a new piercing, embracing a new color into your wardrobe – the possibilities are endless. Go out and explore yourself and your taste. Let’s spring clean your life inside and out. 😉

Clean up your nutrition

Okay, let’s be really honest: I’m the last person that wants to tell you to try out a new fad diet. Really. Still, taking care that your body gets the right nutrition is key to feeling happy and healthy.

If you’re unsure about how you’re eating or what you could change, think about starting a food diary. Listing your daily intake will help you realize how much of what you eat – and where you could maybe reduce or swatch out for a healthy alternative.

Get a workout schedule

Maybe it’s just me, but going to the gym is just so much harder in the winter when my body just wants to hibernate. But regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical health. So if you’ve started slacking off a little during the cold months, now’s the time to get a schedule into your workout regimen again.

Cancel unnecessary social obligations

Stress happens when you run out of time for yourself to just breathe and relax. If your calendar is always filled to the brim with meetings, events and social obligations – you’re gonna end up neglecting yourself!

Think: Do you really need to go the 25th soccer game of your nephew this year? Or that weekly visit to the flea market, can you skip it every once in a while? Don’t be afraid to cancel on people or say no to an invitation.


Figure out where you’re needlessly spending money

Let’s take a look how you can spring clean your life and your money! You know that feeling of ucertainty when it comes to your finances that you just can’t explain? Take a look at your expenses over the last months and figure out which spendings were necessary – and which ones weren’t. Maybe you’ll find subscriptions to services you’ve never used but just kinda forgot about. They’re still costing you money though!

Or you realize that you’re spending an awful lot on fancy coffee drinks and snacks every day. If you can find a way to swap these with budget-friendlier alternatives, you’ll be one step closer to financial happiness again. After a few months, you might be able to get yourself a little reward with all the money you’ve saved! 😉

Clean out your social media

Today, our social media profiles often are one of the first touch points when we are meeting new people – be it because you’re applying for a new job or just that cute guy you met on the train. They’re most certainly going to take a look at your social media if they can find it!

So use your spring cleaning time and also go through your profiles to see if there are some posts that maybe didn’t age well or just don’t look good without context. Think about what images you really want to share with the world and which ones should rather go. Also think about how much information you want to share! Try and look at your profiles with the eyes of a person who doesn’t know you yet; Will they get the right impression of who you are?

Tidy up your emails

Emails and newsletters have a huge potential to be time-wasters. Especially if you don’t sort them or are confronted by a wave of spam and advertisements daily. So it’s definitely worth it to go over your inbox and bring some order into it.

Look through all the newsletters you’re subscribed to and unsubscribe from those you haven’t read in ages or if you’re simply not interested in the topic or product anymore. It’s always a good idea to sort your email into different folders to keep a better overview of your inbox. Think of a folder structure that’s intuitive and easy to use for you.

Tip: If your inbox feels absolutely hopeless to you, try the Buzzfeed 5-Day Inbox Cleanse.


So, that’s how you spring clean your life – my way. Do you have tips of your own? Tell me in the comments!

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